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COL Natalie E. Vanatta

Associate Professor / Academy Professor
Emerging Technologies Team Lead, Army Cyber Institute

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Naval Postgraduate School, 2013
M.S. Systems Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School, 2009
M.S. Applied Mathematics, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2001
B.E. Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2001

LTC(P) Natalie Vanatta is a US Army cyber officer and currently serves as the Emerging Technologies Research Team Lead at the Army Cyber Institute and an Associate Professor in the department of Mathematical Sciences at West Point. Spanning a military career of over 20 years, Natalie has served and operated around the globe (on four continents) in order to defend the nation. She was a platoon leader in Germany, a company commander in Kuwait, and a Battalion S3 (operations officer) in Italy. LTC Vanatta has also served as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the National Security Agency (in both 2017 and 2021), the technical director at Joint Task Force Ares, and a Team Leader within the Cyber National Mission Force focused on defending critical infrastructure for the nation. She holds multiple IT certifications. Her research interests are in emerging digital technologies, encryption systems, active cyber defense, and human behavior in the cyber domain.