Academic Individual Advanced Development

USMA's AIAD program is a key portion of the institution's margin of excellence concept. Cadets spend about three weeks during their summer academic break conducting academically enriching studies and cultural immersions. These unique experiences broaden cadets’ perspectives and provide them with practical advanced education related to their field of study and real-world application of cyber in the military.

“This year, six U.S. Military Academy Cadets from five different academic departments joined a cyber-focused Advanced Individual Academic Development, sponsored by the Law Department and the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, and traveled to Estonia for CyCon, Poland for CONfidence Conference, and Germany for an AFRICOM cyber brief in Stuttgart and NATO cyber course at the Marshall Center. In between their cyber-related activities, Cadets also take advantage of all the cultural opportunities to explore and learn, expanding their understanding and appreciation of different peoples and countries.”