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Maj. Mark Lesak

MAJ Mark Lesak

Research Scientist, Army Cyber Institute

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Robotics), Colorado School of Mines, 2019
B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Automotive), United States Military Academy, 2009

I conduct research in robotics, which is by far the most engaging work I have experienced. I focus is on navigating in robust terrain, GPS-denied environments, or in a multi-agent swarm. While conducting research with these emerging technologies, I simultaneously develop Cadets through internships, independent studies, and capstone projects. It’s exciting to see Cadets gain an appreciation for research and scholarship. My research focus areas are: Autonomous Navigation in GPS-denied and light-deficient environments, Perception using radar sensors, Wheeled/legged robot design to be highly maneuverable and rapidly deployable, and UAS Swarm for Chemical Detection.


M. C. Lesak*, J. Kim*, D, D. Taylor, D. J. Gonzalez, C. M. Korpela, “Autonomous Quadrotor Landing on Inclined Surfaces using Perception-Guided Active Asymmetric Skids,” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), The contents of this paper were also submitted for IROS’21 Program Committee for presentation at the Conference.
Note: Currently Under Review: Submitted February 2021.

D. J. Gonzalez, M. C. Lesak, A. H. Rodriguez, J. A. Cymerman, and C. M. Korpela, “Dynamics and Aerial Attitude Control for Rapid Emergency Deployment of the Four-Wheel Independent Drive and Steering (4WIDS) Agile Ground Robot AGRO,” 2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2020), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, October 2020.

A. H. Rodriguez, D. J. Gonzalez, and M. C. Lesak, “Design of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for Electrical Integration on the Agile Ground Robot (AGRO),” IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research and Technology Conference (URTC 2020), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 2020.

A.D. Segal, M.C. Lesak, A.K. Silverman, A.J. Petruska, “A Gesture-Controlled Rehabilitation Robot to Improve Engagement and Quantify Movement Performance,” Sensors 2020 (MDPI), Vol. 20, Issue 15, July 2020.

A.D. Segal, M.C. Lesak, N.E. Suttora, A.K. Silverman, A.J. Petruska, “iRebot: An Interactive Rehabilitation Robot with Gesture Control,” 2020 IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC 2020), Montreal, QC, Canada, July 2020.