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Researchers are the key component of the Army Cyber Institute.  Our team consists of a mixture of civilian and military researchers with degrees in a wide-range of disciplines.



Active Duty Military Researchers:  The Army Cyber Institute has positions for Active Duty military researchers.  Generally, military researchers must either have a Masters or Ph.D. or be selected by ACI to receive an advanced degree through the Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) program.  To apply to ACI to serve as a researcher, either as a direct hire (if you already have an advanced degree) or through the ACS program, visit the West Point TEACH website for more information and to submit your application. 



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Click HERE for more information on starting a packet and the TEACH evaluation process.
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If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Army Volunteer, please contact cyber.recruiting@westpoint.edu to begin a conversation on how your unique skills can enhance our organization a few hours a week. All positions are filled through the USAJobs.gov hiring system.