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Researchers are the key component of the Army Cyber Institute.  Our team consists of a mixture of civilian and military researchers with degrees in a wide-range of disciplines.

Job Type Status
Current Openings for Civilian Researchers None at this time
Current Openings for Active Duty Military Researchers (direct fill) None at this time
Current Openings for Active Duty Military Researchers (ACS) Contact us at cyber.recruiting@westpoint.edu
Current Openings for Army Reserve Researchers None at this time
Current Openings for Academy Professors in the Army Cyber Institute None at this time


In general, to apply for open positions, you will need to submit an application package to cyber.recruiting@westpoint.edu.  This package must include:


  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A sample of scholarship (not to exceed 20 pages)
  • Statements on teaching or research philosophy are optional
  • DD214, if claiming Veteran’s Preference

If military, application package must also include:

  • A current copy of your Record Brief
  • Last three evaluations
  • GRE Scores, if requesting ACS
  • Statement on top three graduate schools and degrees you plan to apply for, if requesting ACS

Active Duty Military Researchers:  The Army Cyber Institute has positions for Active Duty military researchers.  Generally, military researchers must either have a Masters or Ph.D. or be selected by ACI to receive an advanced degree through the Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) program.  To apply to ACI to serve as a researcher, either as a direct hire (if you already have an advanced degree) or through the ACS program, visit the West Point TEACH website for more information and to submit your application. 

​Direct Hires may send applications at any time, preferably a year out from their availability.

This website will be updated with job announcements as vacancies occur. Please contact cyber.recruiting@westpoint.edu to get an encryption-enabled email address in order to encrypt your submission packet or if you have any questions.

Like any organization, the Army Cyber Institute is successful because of the outstanding support staff that handles our administration and logistics.  There are a mixture of Department of Army Civilian (DAC) jobs and volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Army Volunteer, please contact cyber.recruiting@westpoint.edu to begin a conversation on how your unique skills can enhance our organization a few hours a week. All positions are filled through the USAJobs.gov hiring system.

Job Type  Status
None Available at this time N/A