Think you have what it takes to be an elite operator in an elite cyber unit?

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ARCYBER has authorized seats for up to six (6) individuals (from either ROTC or West Point) that are commissioning as cyber officers in May/June 2022 to be part of this pilot program. Selected officers will PCS to Fort Gordon, GA in Summer 2022 to begin the first training phase of the operator pipeline–Computer Network Operations Qualification Course (CNOQC). CNOQC will test the selected officers’ foundations in networking concepts, operating systems knowledge (e.g., Windows, Unix, etc.), and multiple security concepts. The training is technically challenging and comprehensive, with multiple comprehensive examinations throughout the course. This training culminates with high-stakes examinations in these topics.

Upon completing CNOQC, the selected 2LTs will enroll in Cyber BOLC (class starting January 2023). However, during many of the technical pieces of BOLC, these officers (having already demonstrated their mastery of the concepts through passing CNOQC) will instead conduct on-the-job training (OJT) as apprentice operators on real-world missions. Following their BOLC graduation, these 2LTs will be assigned to a team in the 780th MI BDE (Cyber) in direct support of the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF). What a great way to start an amazing career!

With only 6 seats in this pilot program, a detailed selection process will occur to find the best and brightest – not only the individuals with a solid technical foundation but also the individuals with the right “attitude” for the operator workrole. The selection process includes an application, personality assessment, technical interview, and a capture-the-flag assessment.


For those rising cadets interested in this challenging, yet rewarding opportunity, below is a timeline of events such as informational talks and deadlines:

16 NOV 2021 at 1830hrs ET Cyber Talks Live with the CNMF Commander and associated personnel discussing the Cyber branch and this program. Use the contact email at the bottom of the page to get further details. Audience is ROTC cadets and Professors of Military Science.
17 NOV 2021 at 1245hrs ET In-person discussion with the CNMF Commander and associated personnel at West Point, NY. Use the contact email at the bottom of the page to get further details. Audience is West Point cadets.
December 2021 Army ROTC Senior and West Point Firstie cadets find out their commissioning branch
21 January 2022 at midnight ET Application packets are due from all interested cadets
NLT 31 January 2022 Interested Cadets complete the WOWI Assessment (focused on training potential, job indicators, and career interests).
Early February 2022 Official assessment (Capture the Flag Competition + Technical interview) will be conducted by current operators. This will be in-person at West Point for those cadets and a separate one will be held virtually for ROTC Cadets.
Late February 2022 Cadets are notified of their selection for the pilot
March – May 2022 Various mentorship activities will be scheduled for the selected cadets, including, but not limited to: additional educational assistance with weakest technical pillars, time with current operators, etc.
Late May – June 2022 Graduation and Commissioning
July 2022 Arrival at Ft Gordon, GA
01 August 2022 CNOQC Start
17 January 2023 Cyber BOLC Start

For more information on the program or to submit your application, please contact