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The ACI is a national resource for interdisciplinary research, advice and education in the cyber domain, engaging DoD, Army, Government, academic and industrial cyber communities in impactful partnerships to build intellectual capital and expand the knowledge base for the purpose of enabling effective army cyber defense and cyber operations.



To develop intellectual capital and impactful partnerships that enable the nation to outmaneuver our adversaries in cyberspace.



The ACI was established with the mandate to conduct high-quality research on the Army’s most critical cyber-related challenges, to perform outreach to bridge gaps, and to promote information exchange across Army, military, academic, industry and government cyber communities. The ACI supports the Army and the Army’s cyber community in providing both future recommendations and their current implications. The ACI analyzes today’s public and private trends in technology and talent management development not for today but to be ready for tomorrow. Our efforts support the force proponent with insights and recommendations; our research will enable operations to plan for future threats and possibilities; and the partnerships we develop through our efforts will enable collaborative efforts.


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