NEWS | Jan. 14, 2016

Going Native: A Career Pipeline For U.S. Military Success Out in Silicon Valley

By Foreign Policy

"Just as we needed people who could interpret for us in Afghanistan and Iraq, so do we need soldiers who can do the same for us in Silicon Valley and other centers of technological innovation across the country. Headquartered in spacious office space adjacent to the Ames Research Center located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the DoD’s liaison office, titled Defense Innovation Unit – Experimental (DIUx), is looking to capitalize specifically on this center of innovation. Reflecting on history, the location is appropriate given that DoD laid the techno-economic seed corn for the region at Moffett Field over half a century ago. Since then, Silicon Valley has become vitally important to the economic success of both California and the United States as a whole, with a GDP of almost 200 billion dollars in 2015. Now DoD is asking Silicon Valley to return the favor by increasing research and production of dual-use technologies."