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The ACI focuses on exploring the challenges facing the Army (and likewise the Nation) within the cyber domain in the next 3-10 years.

Using our multi-disciplinary, mission focused team of professionals as well as leveraging the United States Military Academy faculty and our various partners, we expand the body of knowledge and advise senior military and government officials.



Jack Voltaic: Critical Infrastructure Resilience

The Jack Voltaic Cyber Research Project is an innovative, bottom-up approach to developing critical infrastructure resilience. Developed by the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, this research assembles critical infrastructure partners to study cybersecurity and protection gaps.

The Future of Technology and Dense Computing

The ACI is currently researching how technological requirements of the 10-30yr future will impact the requirements for dense computing, networking, and storage as well as how networks will operate to support those future requirements.

Cyber Autonomy

The ACI is currently researching the intersection of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to determine the feasibility of leveraging the future of Big Data and the amount of data generated by sensors and how AI/ML might provide the ability to counter Cyber threats to the nation.

Cyber Impacts on Physical Systems

The ACI is currently researching the intersection between cyber and non-cyber domains and how the future of cyber and technology will impact how people are impacted in the non-cyber domain.

Talent Management of the Future Cyber Workforce

The ACI is researching how changes to staffing levels, cyber security and operations challenges and technological shifts over time will impact the cyber security and operations workforce requirements of the future. Specifically the ACI is interested in helping the Army and the Nation in shaping the interdisciplinary cyber workforce to best tackle problems of the future.