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The ACI focuses on exploring the challenges facing the Army (and likewise the Nation) within the cyber domain in the next 3-10 years.

Using our multi-disciplinary, mission focused team of professionals as well as leveraging the United States Military Academy faculty and our various partners, we expand the body of knowledge and advise senior military and government officials.



Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Focus on improving cyber resiliency for critical infrastructure and their communities through understanding and researching the interdependencies between critical infrastructure sectors at all levels; improving public-private partnerships; informing DOD, DA, and other agencies of the impacts of cyber incidents on critical infrastructure and how those impacts influence Army operations; and providing an opportunity for local municipalities to exercise cyber incident response.

The Jack Voltaic Cyber Research Project is an innovative, bottom-up approach to developing critical infrastructure resilience. Developed by the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, this research assembles critical infrastructure partners to study cybersecurity and protection gaps.

Information Warfare

Serve as the integrator of civilian and military research in the information warfare space, specifically focused on the intersection between the social and the psychological domains.  Seek to leverage partnerships with military, civilian researchers, lawmakers, and practitioners in the IW space and synthesize interdisciplinary research in order to shape Army leadership and influence emerging policy/doctrine for a whole of nation approach in the Information Warfare environment.

Narrative Warfare - Understanding what culturally significant stories are important to Americans that foreign adversaries may use to elicit an emotional response and behavioral change.

Mementic Warfare - The use of images and text have become synonymous with online social media culture. These simple images can be weaponized to add humor to serious political themes to make them more palatable to a general audience.

Social Network Analysis - How are groups connected online to pass information and ideas, cause certain items to become viral, and jump from platform to platform?

Algorithmic Confounding - How are social media recommendation systems being used to target specific members of a populace to relay ideas both organically and through manipulation of those systems?

Legal Aspects of Information Warfare - The intersection of social media and the Law of War and the extent to which misinformation/disinformation amounts to an unlawful intervention into the affairs of another State (nation) in violation of international law.

Threatcasting - A joint effort between academia, industry, and government to identify potential trends in the near future (10 to 25 years) and express them in a realistic fictional setting.

Cyber Operations Research (CORE)

Provide research, development and advisement to yet unserved portions of the Army in the development of their organic cyber operations capability.  Development of novel capabilities to enable Soldiers and operations within the cyber domain, and research on the protection of the Army’s tactical systems from adversary cyber effects. 

Cyber Autonomy

The ACI is currently researching the intersection of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to determine the feasibility of leveraging the future of Big Data and the amount of data generated by sensors and how AI/ML might provide the ability to counter Cyber threats to the nation.

Emerging Technologies

Focus on understanding current and bleeding edge technologies in order to provide the Army insightful advice on future employment (battlefield of 2025-2035).  Research constellations of these technologies and how they will affect military operations depending on location, organization, adversary, and other threat factors. 

Talent Management of the Future Cyber Workforce


The ACI is researching how changes to staffing levels, cyber security and operations challenges and technological shifts over time will impact the cyber security and operations workforce requirements of the future. Specifically the ACI is interested in helping the Army and the Nation in shaping the interdisciplinary cyber workforce to best tackle problems of the future.