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Analyzing Pedagogical Effectiveness for Critical Infrastructure Security, Resilience, and Integrated Smart City Training

One day soon, cyber-critical infrastructure resilience will be widely understood and taught in multiple educational contexts, from professional development to university curricula. Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research https://pti.iu.edu/centers/cacr.html and ACI seek to understand the most effective pedagogical approaches to cybersecurity education. Indiana University researchers will focus on developing modules and tabletop exercises based on lessons learned for installation commanders, emergency managers, community leaders, college instructors, and other key stakeholders using the existing Jack Voltaic Cyber Research Project as a foundation. By building from the Army Operations Manual, IU will undertake a gap and audience analysis project to create lessons on resilience, smart cities, cybersecurity, and the interdependence of critical infrastructure. This content library, including lesson plans, will be fully scalable for various communities, educational institutions, and installations to use and modify.