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Below are videos that represent the possibility of cyber attacks on a city. These are meant to increase awareness of what is possible and the threats that exist in today’s ever changing world.

Emergency Services

Amidst a scorching heatwave, a major city falls victim to devastating cyber attacks crippling critical infrastructure and emergency services. As the city plunges into darkness, helpless against the heat – we follow the intertwined lives of its citizens, emergency services, and government officials as the city succumbs to chaos and tragedy.


In a single night during the busy holiday season, hackers sow fear and chaos across a city. Multiple attacks target infrastructure, commercial banking systems and a wide scale leak of city records. Traffic is snarled and at a standstill. Commuters and travelers are stranded. Businesses and banks are crippled. As fears of identity theft spread, a misinformation campaign amplifies the public’s concerns.


A meticulously orchestrated cyber attack cripples a city’s healthcare and public health systems. Chaos unfolds when the hack disables the networks, turning medical devices inoperable. Electronic health records are encrypted, and emergency services cannot respond to calls. Simultaneously, the attack disrupts the city’s critical infrastructure, sabotaging supply chains, manipulating online information, and causing a catastrophic breakdown of services.

Healthcare (Day After)

The day after an infrastructure attack on a city's critical medical and essential services finds the population fearful and helpless. The city is offline, but the people begin to mobilize. Public officials reach out, connecting with citizens on all platforms. City workers, first responders and volunteers meet the most vulnerable populations where they are. The crippling cyber attack was the worst in the city's history, but the recovery was fueled by human intervention…bringing hope back to the city.

The day after the attack, the city was still in shock. Most essential services were offline. Fear and helplessness gripped the population, but the city began to mobilize. Leaders used every means to connect with citizens, apologizing for the chaos. They outlined plans for the recovery and provided actions to be taken. Some were still skeptical, but city services and volunteers organized to meet the most vulnerable, where they were. Although this was the worst digital attack ever, it was the people that brought the city back and provided hope.

Waste Water


A city is ravaged by a historic storm. It’s impact deepened by a sophisticated cyber attack that cripples vital infrastructure. As floodwaters rise and systems fail, an undetected digital attacker intensifies the chaos, manipulating water resources and freezing transportation networks. Amidst the convergence of these duel disasters, the real enemy is the not the storm that can be seen, but the one that remained unseen, weakening the city and advancing the cascading effects.