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Big Data Enabled Machine Learning

The Big Data Lab is a multi-component distributed computing environment designed to allow ACI Staff & Faculty as well as select researchers from West Point to understand and experiment with distributed computing and Big Data Analytic tools and techniques. The configuration of the Big Data Lab is designed with 3 core components in mind. The first component is the rapid build and test capability. The intent behind this component is to provide researchers with a base infrastructure to install, configure, and test new Big Data analytic tools. This infrastructure is located on the ACI Research Network. The second core component is a stable, high end compute cluster, designed to allow researchers to implement new algorithms in a stable environment and to allow the phased inclusion of new tools and techniques and is located on the ACI Research Network. The third core component is a capability on the USMA operational network also known as the DREN. This components allows for integration testing with other Army and DoD cyber groups with connectivity to the DoDIN. 

By acting as an incubator, the ACI and USMA researchers aim to examine existing DoD Big Data tools and as well as experiment with emerging tools and techniques, we aim to provide feedback to the Army and DoD on lessons learned, new tool integration, and new techniques as well as data sources that may not have been considered by the other Cyber components. This incubator concept, along with the ACI's network of contacts in the private sector, allows for the integration of techniques and ideas currently being employed by non-USG entities.