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The Army Cyber Institute (ACI) at West Point is currently conducting our Jack Voltaic (JV) experiment that studies cybersecurity gaps within local, city, and municipality critical infrastructure. As a brief background, in 2016 the ACI held JV 1.0 in NYC focusing on financial sector resiliency. In July 2018, JV 2.0 was held in Houston, exploring the city response to a cyberattack nested within a natural disaster. Most recently, the ACI has been conducting a series of JV2.5 workshops that explore lessons learned, and introduce a brief scenario to be used as a thought exercise to help participants explore their incident response plans. The next full iteration of JV (JV3.0) is also scheduled to take place in early 2020, focusing on both the cities of Charleston and Savannah.

Visit the Jack Voltaic Cyber Research Page here for more information about current and previous research reports